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HLSR Scholarship Opens November 2017
Important dates:
November 13-  All Applications Available Online
February 5th - All Applications Due Online
February 15th - All Supplemental Documents Must be Received by the HLS&R Educational Programs Office
May TBD - Scholarship Banquet

Texas Farm Credit Scholarship Programs 2017-2018

Texas Farm Bureau

Ducks Unlimited Scholarship Information & Application (closes March 1st 2018)

CSHS FFA Parent & Alumni Scholarship Due Thursday, April 26th

1. Request a Transcript from your CSHS Counselor, allow plenty of time for them to accommodate this request.
2. Open application, type into application, print.
3. Print five scholarship recommendation forms, pass them out to your general education teachers (not ag), ask them to fill them out and turn them into Clinkscales' box before Thursday, April 26th.  (Five is safer than three!) - OR email them the document and they can fill out electronically.
4. Type a 1 page max explanation of why you think you should receive a scholarship from CSHS FFA.
5. Print your entire AET record book to show us your involvement in FFA & SAE activities; be sure this is accurate and up to date with all of your activities, contests, and SAEs.
6. Turn in all documents to Clinkscales before Thursday, April 26th
7. Sign up for an interview time when you turn in your documents
8. Gather your official dress and have it ready for the interview.  If you don't have an FFA jacket or tie/scarf, please make arrangements before April 20th.  Please view the official dress guidelines in your handbook to prepare!
9. Show up on Wednesday, May 2nd in official dress at 5:30 pm for your interview.


Hildebrand Scholarship HLSR Sheridan Clinkscales 11/13/2017 287 KB
HLSR Technical Scholarship Sheridan Clinkscales 11/13/2017 277 KB
2018 HLSR & Area Go Texan Scholarship PPT Sheridan Clinkscales 11/15/2017 1034 KB
Texas Farm Bureau Scholarship Info Sheridan Clinkscales 11/27/2017 43 KB
Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation Scholarship Sheridan Clinkscales 11/30/2017 233 KB
2018 CSHS FFA Alumni & Parent Scholarship Sheridan Clinkscales 4/11/2018 114 KB
2018 CSHS FFA Scholarship - Teacher REC form Sheridan Clinkscales 4/11/2018 36 KB



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