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Barn a Yard
College Station FFA Scholarship Fundraiser
Rather than a flock of flamingos greeting a friend , family member or FFA friendly business in the morning when they awake, how about a yard full of fun FFA farm animals along with the CSHS FFA name and symbol? The profits raised from "Barn The Yard" will go directly to our scholarship fund for the deserving seniors of CSHS FFA and our activity account. Simply provide the name and address of the yard to be BARNED and we will do the rest. If you choose not to "Barn the Yard," but still wish to support the scholarship fund, this form allows for that selection as well. We are a non-profit organization. Thank you for supporting CSHS FFA Parent & Alumni Club.
How Much?
$25 barning
$30 select a specific date if available

When and How Long?
Barning is done between 7 and 9 pm
Barn yard animals will remain in a yard for ~24 hours

Will my friend know who "barned" them?
Yes. There is a place for you to leave them a note.

What is the purpose of this barn yard fun?
We are raising money for senior scholarships (CSHS FFA members) and also for money to pay for FFA events/activities throughout the year.

How can I pay?
Hand Deliver check or cash to an Alumni Board member

Do I need to do anything beside fill out the form?
Nope.  We will take care of printing the message for your friend, barn setup, and clean up.  You can just post pictures of the barn yard fun!

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President - Andrea McMurray

Vice President - Grace & Faith Sicinski

Treasurer - Dee McGuire

Secretary - Wendy Kotrla



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